Welcome to Dawei Ma's group! Our group focus on total synthesis of complex natural products with biological activities, development of new synthetic methodologies and their applications in synthesis of biologically and pharmaceutically important molecules, and biochemistry. The most attractive things to us is the total synthesis  and SAR studies of complex natural products. We've achieved the total synthesis of  cyclopeptides and depsipeptide such as Microsclerodermin E, Salinamide A and so on, alkaloids like GB family, communesines ect., terpenoids as Englerin A, Leucosceptroids. Meanwhile, we also interested in the developing of useful methodologies and the application in the total synthesis of complex natural products and drug moleculars. Firs, the amino acid-promoted Copper-catalyzed Ullmann type coupling reactions. Second, the organocatalyzed asymmetric Michael additions, Henry reaction as well as their applications in construction of important building blocks, By which we achieved the scalable synthesis of drug moleculars like: Paroxetine, Tamiflu, Zanamivir, Laninamivir. Third, the construction of quartery center on 3-site of indole by intramolecular Dearomative Oxidative Coupling (IODC) reaction. We are also committed to develop the application of organic chemistry in biochemistry. 
       By now we conducted the research of design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of selective modulators targeted GPCRs, kinases, proteases and apoptosis pathway

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